Office of the Vice Chancellors

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (OVCAA)

The OVCAA assists the Chancellor in coordinating and reviewing the instruction and student programs of the University. The Office also assists in the formulation and implementation of University academic policies, rules, standards and basic procedures and supports in the establishment of linkages with government and other outside agencies.

Units are under the supervision of the OVCAA

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration (OVCA)

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration (OVCA) is responsible for the administrative management of the university. It manages the university’s financial operations and procurement process. The office is also mandated to handle UPLB’s human resource development and records management system.

OVCA supervises the following units

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs (OVCCA)

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs (OVCCA) serves to build and nurture good relations and strong community networks among UPLB students and staff, allied institutions, the Los Banos community and local government and communities in the CALABARZON region.

Units are under the supervision of the OVCCA

It also oversees the following committees that focus on ensuring a clean and green and hazard-free University:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Standards Committee (OHSSC)
  • Solid Waste Management Committee (SWMC)
  • Programmatic Environmental Performance Report and Management Plan (PEPRMP)

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development (OVCPD)

The OVCPD is responsible for planning and implementing UPLB’s development programs. It supervises the programs and activities related to infrastructure development, including the information technology system. It also formulates financial and fiscal policies and funds generation activities for UPLB’s development programs.

Units are under the supervision of the OVCPD

  • Budget Management Office (BMO)
  • Information Technology Center (ITC)
  • Land Grant Management Office (LGMO)
  • Resource Generation and Development Office (RGDO)
  • University Planning and Maintenance Office (UPMO)

Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Extension (OVCRE)

OVCRE is in-charge of the development and implementation of UPLB’s research, development, and extension (RDE) programs. OVCRE initiates innovative techniques for efficient planning, implementation, performance evaluation, and reporting of RDE activities in the university.

The office aims for higher quality and number of technical and popular publications, and implements an extensive and efficient distribution system. OVCRE also works for the capacity development of RDE staff, generation of resources, and networking with other research institutions.

OVCRE supervises the following RDE Centers

RDE programs are also under OVCRE’s supervision, such as:

  • Committees on Niches and Themes
  • Commodity-based RDE Teams
  • Coordinators for Research and Extension
  • UPLB Transdisciplinary RDE Teams