LRC opens “MATH-dali” tutorials to everyone

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) has opened “MATH-DALI lang ang Math! A Subject Tutorial Webinar Series for Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, and Calculus” to everyone who is interested, may they be from UPLB or not.

The tutorials, which aim to discuss challenging topics in the different domains of mathematics, catered primarily to enrolled students of UPLB in December 2020, the first time it was held.

In this recently concluded series, however, LRC made it available to all interested parties by streaming it live on their Facebook Page.

The resource speakers for the four-day learning event are assistant professors at the Math Division of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics of the College of Arts and Science.

The sessions gained a total of 2,042 registrants from UPLB and other schools and universities in the Philippines.

The first session, entitled, “Abracadabra kay Algebra! A Review Session for College Algebra,” was held on Nov. 29 with Jcob C. Malaguit serving as resource speaker. Malaguit discussed linear and quadratic equations, radical and rational expressions, systems of linear equations, and functions.

The second session, held on Dec 1, featured “Jamming tayo with Geom! A Review Session for Analytic Geometry.” Kemuel M. Quindala, III discussed conic sections, parabolas, ellipses, hyperbolas, introduction to the 3D coordinate system, rectangular coordinate system, vectors in the 3D space, and lines and planes.

Go lang nang go kay Trigo! A Review Session for Trigonometry” was tackled in the third session that was held on Dec. 2. Handling the session was Ben Paul B. Dela Cruz who talked about the trigonometric functions, the unit circle, graphing sine and cosine functions, angle of elevation and depression, solving trigonometric and inverse trigonometric equations and the laws of sine and cosine.

The last session, which was held on Dec. 3 was entitled “Miraculous with Calculus!  A Review Session for Fundamental Calculus.” It was handled by Dylan Antonio SJ. Talabis who tackled antidifferentiation and the indefinite integral, integration by parts, the definite integral, and area of a plane region.

 The “Math-dali” sessions may be accessed at (Joshua Michael G. Jonas)

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