CAS kicks off 14th Student-Faculty Research Conference

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) officially began the 14th Student-Faculty Research Conference (SFRC) with the theme “Onward to [email protected] and Beyond for a More Resilient Research Future in the Arts and Sciences” on Nov. 29 via video conference.

Dr. Maribel L. Dionisio-Sese, dean of CAS, talked about the theme of the conference as well as the challenges and importance of research.

She paid tribute to the sixth dean of the college, Dr. Asuncion K. Raymundo, who inspired the first student-faculty research conference.

Dr. Richard P. Burgos, director of Science and Technology Information Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), delivered the keynote speech where he discussed the growth of social media during the pandemic.

Dr. Burgos highlighted the achievements of DOST that were made with the help of digital technology.

“There are opportunities to continue communicating and reaching our audiences kahit na may pandemic, kahit na restricted tayo,” he said as he ended his speech.

At the question-and-answer portion, moderated by faculty member Philip A. Alviola, fake news and research programs took up much of the discussion.

The virtual poster gallery was also introduced where a video presentation containing the research papers presented at the conference could be viewed.

The 14th UPLB-CAS SFRC is a venue for showcasing research accomplishments of students and professors in different fields.

Research papers in the biological and environmental sciences, humanities and social sciences, physical sciences, and biomedical applications were tackled in parallel sessions on the same day.

A plenary session and closing ceremony will be held on Dec. 6. (Kyle Ramiel Dalangin)

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