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HRDO holds webinar on enhancing written and oral communication

The UPLB Human Resources Development Office (HRDO) conducted a webinar entitled “Communicate with Impact: Enhancing Written and Oral Communication” on May 17, 2024.

The webinar, which was streamed on various platforms, aimed to improve the communication skills of UPLB employees. It is part of the learning and development initiatives prepared by the Position Classification and Staff Development (PCSD) section of HRDO. 

In his opening remarks, HRDO director Roderick C. Javar said that the webinar aimed to enhance the communication proficiency of administrative staff, particularly those who handle information and engage clients. He also pointed out that good communication skills reduce miscommunication and errors and the chances of rework.

Rhodora Ramonette de Villa-Custodio, an associate professor at the Department of Educational Communication of the College of Development Communication, led the webinar.

She focused on encouraging and promoting proper and effective communication in the workplace. “Healthy relations really entail giving and receiving both positive and negative feedback,” she said.

She emphasized that collaborative and interactive discussions among employees not only boost productivity but also enhance individual morale, fostering a unified effort toward goals beneficial to the office and overall workplace environment.

In addition to discussing the benefits of effective workplace communication and the 7 Cs of communication, de Villa-Custodio provided the participants with various practical tips. 

These included practicing active listening, which involves listening to understand the message rather than just responding and giving both negative and positive feedback that should flow not only from supervisors to subordinates but also from subordinates to supervisors. 

De Villa-Custodio also talked about the proper use of non-verbal cues to enhance the effectiveness of message delivery and the significance of projecting confidence in communication. Proper email etiquette was also highlighted during the seminar.

Eugene Raymond P. Crudo, assistant to the vice chancellor for administration, delivered the closing message, noting that the webinar could help the participants themselves and also their unit/office as a whole. 

“As effective communicators, we can improve our services, avoid miscommunication, develop professional growth with our workmates, and continue providing the service that our university deserves,” he said. (Yra Bautista)

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