OIDHE concludes webinar series on humanities and social science research

The Office for Institutional Development in Higher Education (OIDHE), in partnership with the Department of Humanities (DHum) and the Department of Social Sciences (DSS), concluded the webinar series entitled “Engaging Higher Education Institutions in Humanities and Social Science Research” on May 13 via video conferencing.

The last day of the webinar series consists of the morning session at 10 AM and afternoon session at 1 PM.

Girlie Nora Abrigo, associate professor of Sociology at DSS, tackled “Mixed Methods Research: Features, Uses, and Research Designs” during the morning session. She stated that the objective of her discussion is to help the participants appreciate mixed methods research (MMR) and gain more knowledge about it.

She talked about the characteristics of MMR, such as how it mixes two forms of data and combines the procedures into specific research designs. She also included in her discussion the process of writing an MMR proposal.

Dr. Mark Oliver S. Llangco, associate professor at DSS, discussed “Conducting Ethically Responsible Research Involving Human Participants.” He talked about research ethics, along with the principles of respect for autonomy, concern for welfare, and promotion of justice.

He also listed research that does and does not require ethics review. With this, he also presented the consent continuum, which consists of consent, compliance, pressure, coercion, and force.

Chancellor Jose V. Camacho, Jr. formally closed the webinar series as he expressed his gratitude towards OIDHE, guests, and participants who made time to share and learn about social research. He also hoped that these learnings would help future researchers pursue research relevant to the society and communities they serve.

“More than ever before, the fields of humanities and social sciences will be crucial in providing us the proper perspectives and explanations as we seek to make sense of events and phenomena that are happening around us,” he ended his speech.

Both sessions of the webinar can be viewed at the UPLB OIDHE FB page. (Kyle Ramiel Dalangin)

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