University of the Philippines Los Baños
Tuesday, 17 February 2015 00:00

Guidelines for the pre-enrollment Physical (Medical) Examination of Incoming UPLB Students

To determine the physical fitness to study in the University, all incoming students of the University of the Philippines Los Baños are required to undergo a complete physical (medical) examination (PPE), a chest X-Ray, and a complete blood count (CBC).  All these may be done at the UPLB-University Health Service (UPLB-UHS). Or, as an option, all these may be done in another health facility in the Philippines.  For those who will opt to undergo the PPE in another health facility:


5 Only the official form of the UPLB-UHS may be used (see UHS Pre-enrolment Physical Examination Report Form).

5 A complete physical (medical) examination should be performed by at least a pediatrician or a specialist in Family Medicine or Internal Medicine.  The attending physician must issue a separate medical certificate certifying the student’s fitness for enrolment using the letterhead of the attending physician, duly stamped and signed, containing the following details:

o Complete name of the attending physician

o License number

o Complete clinic address and telephone number

o Findings and Management, and/or  Fitness to enroll

5 The attending physician should be accredited in a reputable hospital, whether government or private, or in any health service of the U.P. System.  This should be reflected in the letterhead.

5 If during the PPE, the student has been found to have a medical illness and needs treatment, e.g. PTB, prompt intervention is encouraged and eventual certification of fitness to enroll from a pulmonologist or disease specialist is required.

5 If during the PPE, certain medical conditions are detected, e.g. thyroid mass, breast mass, severe scoliosis, heart disease, etc., these should be immediately referred to a specialist.  In this case, the student will present to the UPLB-UHS two medical certificates regarding his / her fitness to enroll: (1) from the attending physician; and, (2) from the specialist attending to the specific illness.

5 The medical certificate together with the original or certified true copy of the chest X-Ray and CBC results must be attached to the official form with the chest X-Ray plate or chest X-Ray printout. 

5 If all the above have been complied with, the enrollee will just have to undergo validation of documents by our Medical Officer.  ONLY the UPLB-UHS Medical Certificate will be honored by the University Registrar.  See schedule.

5 The dental examination shall be performed at the UPLB-UHS onlySee schedule.

5 The physical (medical) examination will not, in any way, deny the student his rightful slot for enrolment.  However, any delay in the treatment or management might delay his / her enrolment until the medical condition has been addressed.   Hence, in case of pending fitness status from the non-UPLB-UHS attending physician, it is still strongly advised to go the UPLB-UHS for validation. 


Validity of the chest X-ray and CBC will be at most one (1) month prior the scheduled date of the PPE.  At the UPLB-UHS, the chest X-ray fee is at UP student rate of P165; while, CBC fee is at UP student rate of P 164.  The PPE or validation, on the other hand, is free-of-charge.  To avail of these discounted rates, you are required to present your Notice of Admission and Registration Instructions.  Refer to the Schedule of Incoming UPLB Freshmen for PPE.


Ÿ For those who will be unable to come on the specified schedule for dental examination only, your next option is to come to the UPLB-UHS on the same date as your scheduled PPE or validation.

Ÿ For those who will be unable to come on the specified PPE or validation schedule, your next option is to come to the UHS on the same date as your scheduled registration. However, please anticipate a heavier flow of students on your registration date that may cause a delay in your registration.

Ÿ You will be required to present this copy of the registration instructions for verification of the assigned registration date.


Ÿ For clarifications, please feel free to contact the UPLB-UHS at telephone numbers (049) 536-3247 or (049) 536-2470, local no. 109 and look for Ms. Genalyn P. Cardiño from Monday to Friday during office hours (8:00am-12:00nn; 1:00pm-5:00 pm), or email at [email protected].