University of the Philippines Los Baños

Programs for Undergraduate Students

Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program

The STFAP is UP's primary financial assistance program for bona fide undergraduate Filipino students. Except for Law or Medicine, the applicant must not have a bachelor’s degree. For an incoming freshman or new student, the applicant must have a UP Notice of Admission. The STFAP brackets are primarily based on the annual family income and have corresponding fees or benefits. Students coming from families with annual family income of Php 80,000 or less may be eligible for free tuition, miscellaneous, and laboratory fees plus standard stipend. For applications to the STFAP, please visit the STFAP website.

Scholarships, Student Assistantships and Other Grants

UPLB implements hundreds of undergraduate scholarships and fellowship grants given by several donors and benefactors with benefits ranging from tuition, book allowances, living allowances and others.  It also has the following: UP Presidential ASEAN Scholarships Program, UP Presidential Scholarships Program, and UP Scholarship Program for Foreign Students.

The Scholarships and Financial Assistance Division (SFAD), Office of Student Affairs has 14 cash loan programs to further assist the students with their financial needs. Qualified students with good scholastic standing can avail P2,000-8,000 cash loan depending on the program they are applying for. For details, please proceed to SFAD office at the Student Union Building

Several study-now-pay-later programs are also available. For more information and application procedures for these facilities, we suggest that you contact the Office of Student Affairs.

Programs for Graduate Students

Graduate Mentoring and Apprenticeship Program

The Graduate Mentoring and Apprenticeship Program (GMAP) seeks to narrow the gap between science and practice and improve training of graduate students by providing a venue wherein they can work closely with accomplished and experienced U.P. faculty in instructional activities and research work. The program also seeks to address the need of UP for potential faculty members to sustain its capacity to provide high quality education, conduct research, and implement successful extension and development programs. The objectives of the program are to generate high quality graduates with distinctive expertise in their respective fields through a dynamic system of experiential learning for students and their effective mentoring by seasoned faculty and researchers in appropriate and relevant instruction and research settings; and develop a pool of qualified and trained potential faculty members for the university’s faculty recruitment program. Visit the GMAP information page at the UPLB Graduate School website for more information.

DOST-ASTHRDP Scholarship Program

UPLB, as a member of the National Science Consortium, administers the ASTHRDP Scholarship Program of the Department of Science and Technology. The program grants scholarships for master’s and doctorate degrees, and thesis/dissertation grants for the following priority fields of study: biological sciences, biotechnology, chemical sciences, materials science and nanotechnology, pure and applied mathematics, pure and applied physics, health and pharmaceutical sciences, information and communications technology, earth, atmospheric & space sciences, agriculture, forestry & natural resources, fisheries & marine science, and environmental sciences. The scholarship aims to improve the country’s global competitiveness and capability to innovate, through alternative approaches on human resource development in S&T; and to accelerate the production of high-level human resources needed for S&T activities particularly in research and development. For more information, visit the ASTHRDP Resource website.

DA-BAR Thesis Grant Scholarship

Open to all Filipino graduate students who will conduct thesis/dissertation on the thematic areas of organic agriculture, namely: crop, livestock, and fish production; crops, soils, and pest management; organic food quality; post harvest and food processing; comparison or specific trait(s) or organic food; socio-economic studies; policy studies/analysis and governance; and related fields. Wet research will be allotted a maximum of PhP 100,000 for MS and PhP 200,000 for PhD, and dry research will have an allotment of Php50,000 for MS and PhP100,000 for PhD. Mechanics of the grant can be viewed at the Graduate School website.

Asia Pacific Scholarship Program

The APSC is a full scholarship program where successful applicant students will study at prestigious international universities in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia or the Philippines. It is given by the Asia Pacific Scholarship Consortium, an informal network of universities in Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines that aims to facilitate scholarships in high quality postgraduate courses for individuals from Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos PDR who require financial support to study. Scholars will undertake masters degrees by coursework. Courses typically take one to two years to complete. Scholars must complete the course within the specified time period on a full time basis. Because of the lack of available scholarships for students wanting to pursue degrees in the social sciences, APSC only focuses on supporting subjects related to: Education, Environment, Development, Community health, Policy, law & administration, Humanities & social sciences, and Media and social work. For more information visit the APSC website.

Other Scholarships for Graduate Students

We help provide scholarship benefits to graduate students who come from almost 50 public and private organizations and state colleges and universities. UPLB is also conduit to nearly 30 scholarship programs of international organizations and about 50 more programs of various universities from almost 20 countries. For more information, please contact the UPLB Graduate School.

Photo credits: Websites of the Philippine Collegian, DOST-ASTHRDP and APSC.