Office of the Chancellor

The Office of the Chancellor (OC) performs the overall management, supervision, and administration of UPLB. It sets the strategic direction that the University takes in order to accomplish its mandates and responsibilities as defined under the UP Charter of 2008 or Republic Act 9500.

“We envision a future-proof UPLB— a university that has relevance and pride of place in national development and international dialogue, one whose human resources are not only at par, but also even exceed those of other global institutions. We aim to become a university known for its heart, for its concern and care for its constituents, and for producing graduates whose drive for public service and compassion for their fellow human beings are second to none.”

Dr. Jose V. Camacho, Jr.

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About the Chancellor

Chancellor Jose V. Camacho, Jr. is a professor of economics at the College of Economics and Management (CEM) and was the dean of the Graduate School (GS). He finished his Doctor of Economics in 2007, with specialization in Economics of Education, Labor, and Human Resource Economics at Kyoto University, Japan.


Chancellor Jose V. Camacho, Jr. took office in November 2020 guided by his vision of a future-proof UPLB as it levels up its recognition as one of the leading regional and global universities regardless of the mode of delivery of services.


Day to day policy issuances and directives of the University govern the actions and initiatives of personnel and students.


Pronouncements of the Chancellor in speeches and messages are anchored on his vision of a future-proof UPLB.

Units under the Office of the Chancellor (OC)

Office of the Chancellor (OC)

3/F Bienvenido M. Gonzalez Hall (formerly UPLB Main Library Building)
University of the Philippines Los Baños, College
Batong Malake, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines 4031