Strategic Plan


A future-proof university that provides agile leadership in higher education for the betterment of local and global communities


To sustain UPLB’s relevance by developing methods, approaches, and frameworks to minimize the cost and impacts of shocks of future events and by honing leaders committed to knowledge creation, innovation and cutting-edge research, and public service

Our Core Value

Compassion, Collaboration, Consolidation, and Cooperation

Institutional Outcomes

1 Enhance the quality of education through flexible learning systems and teaching methods

2 Sustain collaborations that catalyze and enhance the development of our communities

3 Lead interdisciplinary research in the areas of food security and sovereignty, resilience and sustainability, future cities, and One Health

4 Develop partnerships with universities and institutions in the country and around the world

Key Goals

1 To sustain academic excellence and leadership through investment in human capital

2 To utilize knowledge and infrastructure toward inclusive development

3 To provide an enabling environment for creativity, critical thinking, and innovation

4 To make the university more agile and resilient in dealing with disruptions

5 To engage actively with alumni and industry