Make a Difference


We envision UPLB to become a globally competitive graduate and research university contributing to development in the Asia-Pacific. We know that you would like to be involved in making UPLB become even more an important force in the region, thus, we are inviting you to give to UPLB!

How can you give to UPLB?

1. Identify your preferred fund campaign area(s) while being mindful of the corresponding code given below (e.g., F2 for Faculty Development).

  • F1. Scholarships and Student Welfare
    Your donation to student welfare will allow UPLB to support the education of many underprivileged but promising students. You may choose to invest in Student Scholarships or contribute to the Student Loan Fund.
  • F2. Faculty Development
    Donating to this area will help us develop and retain the best faculty members of UPLB. Without a doubt, their credentials are at par with their global counterparts. You may also choose to support a particular grant for our faculty members such as: Professorial Chairs, Faculty Development Grants, and Research Scholarships
  • F3. Modernization Projects
    Your contribution to the modernization of UPLB infrastructure will provide the students, faculty, and staff an enabling environment for learning, research, and creative work. It is essential to modernize and upgrade our facilities and research laboratories to keep up with or become better than other higher education institutions. You may choose to adopt-a-facility or to donate a certain amount to build a desired academic facility.
  • F4. Sports Endowment Fund
    It’s about time to extend more support to our athletes through the Sports Endowment Fund. Doing so will enable them to further hone their athletic skills and proudly carry the flag of UPLB in sports events.
  • F5. Artists Endowment Fund
    The Artists Endowment Fund will allow us to provide the enabling environment for UPLB artists, so that their talents would further be developed. This would inspire and fire-up the artistic talents among our students, faculty, and staff.
  • F6. Special Projects
    Your support to our special projects will allow UPLB to incorporate a vibrant appreciation of its valuable heritage among its constituents. Further, it will help harness its science and technology potential to contribute to the country’s agriculture, biotechnology, engineering, and environment. Among the projects, you may choose to support include the conservation and restoration of historical academic buildings.
  • F7. Unrestricted Endowment Fund
    This Fund will allow the University to face unforeseen challenges that require immediate response and resources. This way, its functions of instruction, research, and extension would not be obstructed by any intervening factors. It will also allow UPLB to anticipate and adapt to changes and remain to our vision and goals without compromising our standards.

2. Please make your checks payable to the UPLB Foundation, Incorporated (UPLBFI) or deposit your donations to any of the following accounts:

  • For Peso Donations:
    Land Bank of the Philippines (UPLB Branch)
    Account No.: 1892-1003-29
    Account Name: UPLB Foundation, Inc.
  • For Dollar Donations:
    Philippine National Bank (UPLB Branch)
    Account No.: 399-7074000-19
    Swift Code: PNBMPHMM
    Account Name: UPLB Foundation, Inc.

3. Kindly send the Office of Alumni Relations a summary of your donation so that we can fully document each donation and acknowledge you as well. It would also help us track and verify your donation. Please include the information below and send it to [email protected]

  1. Name of Donor
  2. Address
  3. Contact Numbers
  4. Donation category (e.g. F1, F2, etc.)
  5. Amount of Donation
  6. Date of Donation
  7. Receiving Bank (Please attach a copy of your deposit slip)
  8. Bank Location
  9. Other information or your requests, if any.